Artes Liberalesp

Artes Liberales is an annual program that takes place in Minsk, Belarus, and is aimed at highlighting the importance of liberal arts education in fostering the creative and civic vitality of democratic societies.

The program consists of intellectually-stimulating discussions on contemporary education, art, and the humanities, as well as art exhibitions, presentations of books, films, video projects, and other initiatives.

The sessions are hosted by specialists from the fields of media, design, psychology, philosophy, history, law, photography, sociology, and other disciplines. The events take place at ў Gallery of Contemporary Art and are free and open to the public.

The first EHU Artes Liberales event took place in May 2012, the second–in February 2013, the third–in February 2014 (click here to find out more). Find and follow Artes Liberales on Facebook for more information and updates.

What is Artes Liberales?

Artes Liberales embraces the breadth of knowledge and the habits of mind that, since ancient times, have been considered essential for a free citizen to master.

Liberal arts colleges and universities are founded on the premise that liberal education is about the development of an attitude of mind, not merely the mastery of a body of knowledge. The goal of liberal arts education is the development of an individual’s capacity to think clearly, critically, and creatively; to judge and act wisely and ethically; and to communicate clearly and effectively.

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