Before Arrival

Make sure you have all documents with you:

  • Learning agreement.
  • Letter of Acceptance from European Humanities University.
  • Rent agreement for a place in a dorm.
  • Lithuanian visa, if required.
  • Health insurance or European Health Insurance Card.  
  • ID card or Passport.
  • One photograph.

Be in touch with your Buddy from European Humanities University, with her/his help get to know all practical details already before your arrival and inform him/her when and where you plan to arrive! Don’t hesitate to disturb your BUDDY – he/she will be happy to guide you before and during your stay in Vilnius!

Find more detailed information below:

Visa Regulations

Students, who are EU citizens, do not need a visa to enter Lithuania. Only a valid ID card or passport is required. If you are staying in the country longer than for 3 months, you have to apply to the Migration Office and local authority called Seniūnija for a certificate confirming the right of EU Member State citizen to permanently reside in the Republic of Lithuania.

Non-European students before their arrival to Lithuania must receive a National D-type visa. You should apply for a visa at the Lithuanian embassy or consular office in your home country. Visa is valid for up to 12 months. You will need a mediation letter from European Humanities University confirming your admission to exchange studies. For this purpose please send us a request and a copy of your passport by e-mail international @

If the period of stay in Lithuania is longer, an international student is required to receive a permanent residence permit. 


Mrs. Inga Kerušauskienė
EHU Mobility Unit
Tel.: (+370 5) 263 96 50
students.accommodation @

  • You can apply for a place in a dorm room for a reasonable price (approximately 69 EUR). Due to high occupancy we cannot guarantee that you will get a place in a dormitory. Therefore, we recommend you to explore options of private accommodation in the local market as well.
  • A request for a place in a dorm room you have to send to students.accommodation @ as soon as you receive the Acceptance letter from EHU Academic Development Unit. Prior to your arrival you will be asked to sign the contract and pay the reservation deposit (usually two months’ rent). The payments have to be done by means of bank transfer. Cash is not accepted.

Room facilities in the students’ dorms:

  • Triple furnished room, a catchall and shelves,
  • Mattress, pillow, blanket, bed linen.
  • Shared kitchen and bathroom,
  •  Internet connection, you should go to "VU Bustas" cost an additional 8 euros.
Private Accomodation

Another possibility for accommodation – search for an apartment in a private market. The best way to look for private housing is the online portals:

Just like with the dormitories, you will need to sign a contract with the flat lessor and pay a deposit which may vary from 1 to 3 month rent price. The deposit is used as a rent fee for the last months or returned to the tenant deducting damages if any. The conditions may differ from the lessor.

The price of the flat depends on the district and the number of rooms in the flat. Rent fee may vary from 150 to 350 EUR. Utility costs (water, heating, electricity, internet) will add extra 50-100 EUR. Be aware that during cold season (appr. from mid-October till mid-April) heating price is much higher and utility costs will considerably grow.


If you haven’t made any choice from available dormitories or private apartments prior to your arrival, you may choose to stay at a youth hostel for the first few days.

Please look for options here.


Students with EU nationality must obtain the European Health Insurance Card – EHIC and bring it to Lithuania with them.

If you are a non-European student, you may also have to prove that you have a private health insurance when applying for your Lithuanian visa.

You should check whether your private health insurance offers sufficient coverage in Lithuania. If this is not the case, you should obtain an extra insurance at a local insurance company immediately after arriving in Lithuania.

You can use the services of Lithuanian insurance company “Ergo” which offers special conditions for the EHU.  

Medical Care

You can choose the private medical clinic “Fama Bona” which has an agreement with EHU for health services what makes the process easier and much more convenient then at public medical care institutions.

However, your health insurance provides you a possibility to address to any other private or public clinic or hospital of your own choice. The list of medical care institutions.

National emergency phone number – 112 

Buddy Program and Academic Development Unit

Before and during your exchange period in Vilnius you will have a buddy – an EHU student – who is open to help you in different circumstances. He/she will contact you a few weeks before your studies in Vilnius, therefore, use this opportunity and find out about your stay as much as possible already before your arrival.

As well as representatives of the Academic Development Unit the buddies will be with you during the orientation week in order to acquaint you with Lithuanian culture, language and national peculiarities and will help you to make the adaptation period easy and smooth. You can contact them any time you need or visit the Academic Development Unit.

At end of your mobility you will be asked to fill in the questionnaire which will help us to improve the Buddy services in the future. 

Living Expences

Students typically spend 150-180 EUR per month on food. The price of a meal at a cafe in the city center ranges from 4 to 15 EUR. The price of a monthly ticket for public transportation is 5.79 EUR (for both bus and trolleybus). Monthly rent for a bed in a dormitory room is 50-80 EUR. Off-campus rooms typically rent for 150-350 EUR.


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