EHU hosts the first International Workshop on Game Studies “Games & Gender”

EHU hosts the first International Workshop on Game Studies “Games & Gender”

On November 3-4 the European Humanities University (EHU) will host the international workshop on game studies for the first time. This year, the main topic is “Games & Gender”, one of the hottest and most important ones in contemporary cultural studies. It will be discussed in presentations given by speakers from Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, and Lithuania.

The majority of presenters are young scholars who research games as a specific media form and as a phenomenon of culture. Subjects of their studies range from role-playing games in real and virtual worlds as well as at the edge between them to the cultural industry that produces videogames and games that oppose it.

The following topics are offered for discussion:

  • Representation of gender: societal expectations and the game’s reality;
  • Construction of gender roles and their performance in role-playing games;
  • Alternative options for gender in games and queer theory;
  • Cultural industry and feminism, and more.

Game studies are a relatively young and currently rapidly developing discipline. It attracts both academics from the humanities - philology, philosophy, cultural studies, media studies - and scholars from social and technical sciences. The workshop is open for anyone interested in cultural studies, gender studies and, of course, game studies.

The working language of the workshop is English. The preliminary agenda is available online.

Attendance is free, no registration needed.

The event is organised by the EHU Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art.

The official Facebook page of the event. Upcoming events in the field of game studies will be announced on the Facebook page Games & Scholars.

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The event is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the European Union.

Co-financed by:European Commission