Non–Degree Programs

LL.M. Certificate Program International Financial Services Law

European Humanities University in collaboration with IIT Chicago Kent–College of Law offers a non-degree LL.M Certificate Program in International Financial Services Law. The program is part of School of American Law established at EHU by the agreement with IIT Chicago Kent–College of Law in July 2013.

One-year intensive program provides an in-depth overview of the American Legal System with the opportunity, upon successful completion, to enter a full LL.M degree in Chicago for only six months and receive a partial scholarship.

The education process is designed to allow students effectively combine their work and/or study with the program. Classes are held only two times per month in Vilnius (on weekends). Between classes students can study at their own pace with the only requirement to submit their exams to established deadlines.

Deadline for application: September 30, 2014.

For more information, please contact Inesa Stolper, inesa.stolper @

Program description can be found here.


EHU invites those who are interested in auditing EHU classes to register as auditors. Auditors can study particular subjects or sets of subjects and propose individual study programs. Academic and financial obligations will be determined by a study agreement between the auditor and the university. Rules, responsibilities, and rights of auditors are laid out in the University Statute (in Lithuanian and English) and the Study Rulebook. Auditors should bear in mind that most classes at EHU are taught in Belarusian or Russian. Some are offered in other languages. To request information about auditing at EHU, use the email link provided below.

EHU offers non-degree distance learning courses in the following subjects:

  • Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art
  • Cultural Heritage and Tourism
  • Media and Visual Design
  • Political Sciences and European Studies
  • Media and Communication
  • International Law

Find more information about non-degree programs in EHU's Moodle system (in Russian). For general information about distance learning, email EHU's Distance Learining Office at distance @

To register one needs to fill out the Auditor Application Form, which is available at EHU Prospective Student Application website (in Russian). The account registration manual can be found here (in Russian). The courses are taught using the EHU’s Moodle distance learning system (in Russian). Find out more about studies and registration in the Distance Learning section (in Russian).

The list of the courses offered is updated every semester. The enrolment possibility will be opened end August through September 2013. More information will follow shortly. In the meanwhile, you can find out about the course tuition fees, course annotations, and participation requirements.

EHU's academic departments and centers offer the following certificate programs:

German Studies   more information

Distance Learning for Educators (in Russian) more information

Trial Skills in Advocacy more information

Human Rights Law (for more information please e-mail jim.murdoch @

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