The European Humanities University offers undergraduate students both high residence and low residence modes of study (please check program descriptions to see which are offered in which modes). Most classes are taught in Belarusian or Russian, with some offerings in English, German, and other languages, as well.

Basic requirements are the same for both high and low residence. Some courses are required; others are elective and can be chosen from offerings at EHU or other universities. To earn a bachelor degree, students must earn at least 160 credits. One credit equals 40 academic hours of student work. 
EHU’s undergraduate programs, regardless of mode, meet all the requirements for universities registered and operating in Lithuania. 
High residence students attend classes full-time on campus in Vilnius. Low residence studies are ideal for those who want to obtain a degree but may not be able to attend classes in Vilnius regularly and prefer a more flexible schedule. 
An individual study program is developed for each low residence student in accordance with his or her preferences and the requirements of his or her chosen program. Each program has a distance learning coordinator who acts as a contact point for all study-related issues. 
The low residence learning process at EHU consists of regular distance learning sessions (using online distance learning applications) and two-to-three week-long study sessions in Vilnius per year. 
Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in high residence mode takes approximately four years. To obtain the degree in low residence mode can take from four to six years, depending on the intensity of low residence studies.
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